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By lawoffices57054408, Feb 8 2017 03:11PM

We are pleased to introduce Carter Budwell III to our clients and friends. He joined our law firm and ministry at the start of this new year and has already won a case! Please see his blog below, which describes the case and its outcome. Mr. Budwell earned his J.D. degree from Regent University School of Law in 2016 and was just recently admitted to the Virginia Bar. We are very pleased to have him join our firm. He will be the attorney in our Newtown office. Welcome, Carter!

By lawoffices57054408, Feb 8 2017 03:04PM

by Carter Budwell III, Esq.

“The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.” – Psalm 103:6

Our firm is pleased to announce that the week of January 30, 2017, started with a great victory for Christian Rights Ministries. Our good friend, Mr. Don Karns, who has dedicated his life to preaching the Gospel, was found not guilty of violating a Newport News noise ordinance.

On December 3, 2016, Mr. Karns and some of his colleagues were preaching the Gospel at a major local event in Newport News known as Hollydazzle, where thousands come each year to celebrate Christmas. Due to the size of the crowd and the noise generated by the event, Mr. Karns and his friends used a small amplification device.

At approximately 5:20 that evening, they were approached by a number of Newport News police officers, who instructed them to cease using the amplifier or face arrest. It is important to note at this point that the ordinance cited by the officers, Newport News Local Ordinance § 28-36, does not completely ban amplified noises; rather, it bans noises that can be heard from a distance of more than fifty (50) feet from the source of amplification. However, Mr. Karns and his friends were not instructed to lower the volume of the device; rather, they were told they had to stop using the device. Believing the officer’s instructions to be in violation of his rights under the Constitution, Mr. Karns continued to preach the Good News, and was subsequently cited for violating the ordinance.

Mr. Karns case was heard before the Newport News General District Court on the morning of January 30, 2017. The case was handled by the newest addition to the Alliance Legal Group, Attorney Carter Budwell. The citing officer admitted that no distance measurements had been taken that night, and that although measurements were taken two weeks later using landmarks noted at the scene, those landmarks were not based on where Mr. Karns was first heard, but rather where another speaker from the group was heard. Furthermore, the officer admitted that the group had been told that they could preach, but not with amplification (it should be noted at this point that the officer was extremely courteous and cooperative in investigating this case and preparing for trial, and we are grateful to him for that). Ultimately, the judge found that the officer had failed to meet the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

We are grateful to the Lord for this victory, and yet saddened that it was necessary in the first place. Mr. Karns was not preaching in a quiet neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning, but rather at a massive public event attended by thousands in which there was a live band playing greatly amplified music in the background. The noise that Mr. Karns was making was easily compatible with such ambient noise, yet he was cited nonetheless, and was never given the opportunity to lower the volume.

As we enjoy the aftermath of this victory, we must continue to pray that such incidents do not occur again in the future. Using amplified speech, subject to certain, narrow restrictions, has been protected by the Supreme Court for decades, as it is so often necessary to effectively reach people in modern society. Let us pray that the Lord will continue to grant wisdom to judges deciding cases such as this, and that throughout our Nation this right will continue to protect those like Mr. Karns, who so willingly face off against fear of man and boldly proclaim the Lord’s truth.

By lawoffices57054408, Nov 4 2016 05:01PM

Praying for Tuesday's Election

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20)

I share the sentiments of many righteous people that Tuesday's presidential election will be the most critical in our lifetimes, perhaps in the history of our republic. The stakes are very, very high, and the

destiny of our nation, humanly speaking, rests in the outcome.

Our country cannot survive if the trends that were started eight years ago continue another four. We cannot survive economically, militarily, and above all morally. Our country is coming apart at the seams due to one godless policy after another, and now American citizens are fighting among themselves along racial, social, political, and moral lines. This current administration has done more damage to our country’s spiritual and moral fiber than any other in American history.

Let me be completely frank: Hillary Clinton cannot be the president of our nation. If she gets elected, her administration will be buffeted and rocked by one investigation after another. Why? Over the past several years, she and her husband have racked up millions and millions of dollars through graft and corruption—all quite apart from her dangerous political views!!! She has proven herself to be untrustworthy in her role as Secretary of State in handling classified information--do we think she will do any better as President?

It is now the 11th hour, and God-fearing people all across America need to pray like they have never prayed before. We are in a deep crisis, beyond words to express. It is more than just a political battle, it is a profoundly intense spiritual one. Satan is working overtime to destroy the country, and he is using people, perhaps unwittingly, to do so.

And so, it’s time to pray! Here are some specific issues to pray for. Pray that God, in His mercy and sovereignty, will give us wise, godly, and righteous leaders: men and women of integrity and strong moral character. Ask God for favor and protection over the nation during this time, as threats of terrorism and riots are circulating. Pray that God will protect the integrity of the voting process, and that every person’s vote will be counted fairly. Pray that the godless laws and policies of the previous administration will be overturned. Pray that God will select leaders who believe in the normal family, who believe in the sanctity of all life. Above all, pray that God will open the eyes of all Americans to what’s at stake and to see all the corruption and wickedness that has permeated our government! May they see this and vote wisely, for a change in direction!

By lawoffices57054408, Aug 31 2016 02:35PM

Here is the mission of The Alliance Legal Group:

"To operate a Christ-centered law practice, emphasizing and relying on biblical principles in order to effectively and efficiently serve the legal and spiritual needs of our clients, community, and employees, and to support His perfect will."

As you can see by our website, we boldly and unashamedly declare that we are a Christian law firm. This decision was made over 15 years ago when Attorney Steve Taylor received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. At that time he resolved that he would transform his secular law office into a Christian one and not hesitate to tell others about it. One of his first moves was to hire a fulltime, vocational minister to fill the role of office chaplain so that both clients and employees might have opportunities to attend Bible studies and prayer sessions.

As the current office chaplain, I would like to delineate some of our distinctives as a Christian law firm and then clear up some misconceptions. Should you decide to avail yourself of our services, you will have a good idea of what to expect. Part of my reason for this is my suspicion that some people might believe these two notions—“Christian” and “law firm”—are incompatible.

In some respects it is highly risky to announce to the community that we are a Christ-centered law firm, because in so doing we are setting very high standards for ourselves, not to mention the possible misunderstandings that might arise. No matter. We willingly face this risk because we do take our Christian faith seriously, and although we may not always fulfill our calling to every client’s complete satisfaction, we do desire to offer our clients something more than just legal assistance. In fact in many cases the client is struggling with other painful realities that accompany the legal issue, whether it is the pain of divorce, the anxiety of bankruptcy, the fear of facing a fine or worse--the point is this: should you decide to visit us, we believe you will not only receive competent and conscientious legal assistance, but also spiritual guidance and encouragement should you desire it.

First, we want to make it very clear that not everyone who works for our office is a Christian. It has never been a condition for employment, nor should it be. What it does mean, however, is that the primary leaders of the law firm are Christians. Indeed the great majority of our employees are Christians and do not hesitate to say so.

Second, should you come to one of our offices, expect to receive competent legal assistance and advice from a firm that cares for you personally. If we fail to measure up to these standards, we will do what we can to make things right. Please remember that just because we answer to the Lord, does not mean we are flawless. But it does mean we do strive to meet His standards.

Third, do not be surprised if our attorneys open your meeting in prayer. And if you come to our office with prayer concerns, please let us know. We really do pray for our clients and their situations. We have office prayer meetings every morning, Monday through Thursday, where your requests are confidentially brought before the Lord.

The idea of a Christian law firm in this day and age is undergirded by the reality of the Kingdom of God as vibrant, active, and advancing in this world to call people out of darkness into His light. For this reason, our law firm is not just a business, but a vision.

By lawoffices57054408, Jul 8 2016 03:54PM

As people drive by our office, they will notice that we have two flags flying on the same pole, and the Christian flag is above the American flag. This is upsetting to a few people, especially veterans. We understand the reason for this initial reaction on the part of some, but here is a list of reasons for this arrangement:

1. The United States of America is deeply rooted in the Judeo-Christian worldview.

2. Inalienable rights come from God the Creator, not the civil government.

3. The Founding Fathers were well grounded in a knowledge of the Bible and its heritage, as reflected in their correspondence and writings.

4. The Kingdom of God is an eternal kingdom, one that wil never pass away--human governments are temporary.

5. Our very pledge incorporates the phrase, "One Nation under God."

6. Our currency is stamped with the expression, "In God We Trust."

7. The freedoms of religion and conscience constitute the foundation of all other freedoms.

We must understand that the flags are intrinsicially pieces of cloth. Their value is what they symbolize.

Right now, our Federal government, which the US Flag symbolizes at least in part, reeks of lawlessness and anarchy. Our governmental leaders think they are above the law. The majority of our Supreme Court Justices merely "invent" or "shape" law to suit the times and their ideology. Sexual anarchy and autonomy are favored over freedom of religion and conscience. The lives of unborn children are meaningless. Our military is losing its fighting edge over issues of transgender and gender neutrality. A school age girl must now face the possibility of finding a boy in her restroom or locker room; a woman in a dressing room might find a man there. And tragically, a huge percentage of the electorate is blind to the dangers we are facing (consider who's been president the last eight years!).

The Christian flag, on the other hand, symbolizes truth, leading to freedom. As Jesus declared, "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32). The gift of life and freedom originate in the Creator alone. His laws are transcendent and absolute. Any nation that breaks these laws destroys itself.

In light of all this, I genuinely hope that those who are upset over the way our flags are flown will pause and consider: which is more disturbing, the way these flags are displayed, or the rapid moral and societal collapse of our country along with the abandonment of its founding principles? We affirm without apology that unless America returns to God, there will be no American flag to fly!

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