Passport Backlog Is Creating Another Headache: Scammers

Scammers, monsters that they are, have found a new way to exploit people made vulnerable by the coronavirus pandemic. You may have heard that getting travel passports is difficult right now. So have the scammers. The pandemic has created bottled-up demand from people eager to finally travel again following more than a year of restrictions….

Can I Legally Evict My 18 Year Old?

A parent’s love may be unconditional, but they are also legally obligated to house, feed, and pay for their children’s needs — that is, until they reach a certain age. So what does that mean if your child is overstaying their welcome at home and not trying to make it in the world on their…

Should Housing Be a Right?

The Sacramento City Council is strongly considering passage of the nation’s first “right to housing” measure. What would that mean? And what might be the broader impact if more cities, and even states, proclaim housing to be a human right? For Sacramento, it would mean that California’s capital city would be legally obligated to provide housing…

Drug Schedules Explained

Perhaps you’ve heard marijuana referred to as a “Schedule I drug,” or seen other references to narcotics being categorized by “schedules.” How does federal drug scheduling work, and what do these designations mean? Controlled Substances Act The Controlled Substances Act was passed in 1970, organizing narcotic substances into five categories, or “schedules.” The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)…

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