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Can I Pay a Lawyer in Installments?

You have found yourself needing an attorney, and now you also need help with how to pay for the legal representation and/or services you so desperately need.

Good news!  You may not have to pay an attorney’s full fee upfront.

To make legal representation and services more affordable, many lawyers offer payment plans as an option for their clients.

A few of the most commonly offered payment plans are:

  • Contingency – Personal Injury lawyers generally work on contingency.  This means that they only earn a fee if your case is successful.  Their fee is determined by statute, a set percentage of the funds they expect to recover for their clients.  In these cases, the attorney is investing their time and money in the matter while betting that you have a winning case.
  • Retainer Agreement – By law, Criminal Defense, Civil Defense and Family Law Attorneys cannot promise results, and they cannot make their payment contingent on the successful outcome of a case.  These attorneys generally work by way of a retainer agreement.  The client pays an agreed-upon amount, or a retainer, upfront, which the attorney in a trust account then holds.  The lawyer bills the client for services rendered on an ongoing basis and deducts the fees from the retainer.  This allows the client to budget for legal expenses and make monthly payments to either increase or replenish the retainer as needed.
  • Flat Fee Arrangement – This is quite helpful for those clients who wish to know the total cost of their case in advance and is generally offered by those attorneys offering Bankruptcy Representation or legal services such as the preparation of Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Medical Directives and Deeds.  The attorney agrees to charge a fixed amount for their services rather than billing the client by the hour.  They will likely request a small down payment or percentage of the full fee upfront to start working on the case and then accept monthly payments for the balance.

Keep in mind that you must thoroughly understand the terms of any payment plan before agreeing to it.  It would help if you also asked about any costs in addition to the attorney’s fee that may be incurred during the process, such as court filing fees, the obtaining of medical and/or police records, the preparation, and serving of subpoenas, etc.

At The Alliance Legal Group, PLLC, we understand financial distress and recognize that clients often require payment flexibility.  It is with this understanding and recognition that we offer a FREE initial bankruptcy consultation and payment plans to fit every budget – even yours.

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